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Being Vegan is easy 'Now You Know It's Vegan'
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We hope you find this website very useful, we will be updating it daily and constantly looking to improve it. I made this website to make life easier as a vegan and also provide valuable information to people interested in going vegan.
You can use our supermarkets section to find out what products are vegan in each particular store. You can use our eating out section to find out what vegan options there are at your favourite restaurants. You can find tasty vegan recipes in our recipes section. Our alcohol section will provide you up to date vegan beverages.
Eventually this website will be the number one resource for vegans and non vegans alike.
If you have any suggestions please contact us, we appreciate all of your feedback and ideas.
Welcome !
UPDATES  15/05 - Added Slug and Lettuce to Eating Out  | 13/05 - Added New Proucts to Supermarkets | 25/04 - Added Subway to Eating Out | 24/04 - Added EasyJet Blog | 23/04 - Added Biscuits Blog | 09/04 - Updated Crisps Blog added photos